How To Take Care Of Your Newborn Baby

some ways to take care of your newborn baby

Becoming a mother for the first time is a great feeling for all women . But , with your happiness it also increases your responsibilities . Your baby is very special for you ,  and it is your responsibility to  good care of your baby . However , as a new mother, you probably do not have the right information about caring for your child , you do not need to panic for this . Here, we will discuss about some of the ways , that will help you take care of your newborn . [Wikipedia]

1. Take care of Umbilical Cord Stump :

It is very important to take care of the newborn Umbilical Cord Stump . The Umbilical Cord Stump comes with the baby , when he comes out from the womb of the mother. It is cut after the baby is born, and its wound takes some days to dry . Do not bath the baby for one weeks of birth , instead of , giving a sponge bath to the baby . Always keep the navel area clean and dry . Do not forget to disinfect your hands before cleansing, and always use a soft cloth. the wound of the navel-tube becomes dry , then the child can be bathe two or three times a week . If there is redness in the navel area, swelling, smelly discharge or bleeding, then take the child to the pediatrician.

2. How To Handle Your Newborn :

➣Before taking the baby into the lap, wash your hands with anti-septic sanitizers. So that the child is not at risk of any infection .

➣Learn how to keep newborns wrapped in soft and warm clothes. This makes the child feel safe. Wrap the baby up to 0-2 months. Because this does not affect the change of environment on the child.

➣Be aware that , does not swing up or down your newborn baby . It can be dangerous .

➣Never raise a newborn baby with a jerk while sleeping .

➣When you touch the newborn, make sure the touch is always soft and velvety.

3. How To Hold Newborn :

Before taking the baby in the lap, make sure that the child’s head and neck is right below your hands or not . Try to give good support to the head and neck while raising the baby in your lap . Let the baby ‘s head rest under the elbow in the lap and keep the whole body on your arm .

4. How To Sleep Your Newborn :

➣Newborn is need a lot of rest for the first three months. During this time children can sleep for 16 to 20 hours.

➣The pillow on which the child sleeps should be very light and soft, and the child’s head should not stay in the same place on the cushion ,  cause this can lead the size of the head.

➣Keep changing the position of the child’s head to the pillow .

➣Darken the child’s room at night so that the child can sleep well .

5. How To Breastfeed Your Newborn Baby :

➣Breast milk is a complete and balanced diet of the newborn . It provides all the essential nutrients to the baby . The newborn requires only the mother’s breast milk in its first six months .

➣Breastfeeding should be done immediately after delivery. Because the first milk contains more nutrients, which protects your baby from a dangerous disease.

➣Do not forget to breastfeed every four hours.

➣At the time of breastfeeding, take your baby very carefully on your lap . Stick your breast nipple in the upper lip of the baby and when the infant opens its mouth, then insert the nipple of your breast .

➣If you breastfeed the baby, then concentrate in your diet. Eat more pulses and nutritious food . This will make milk thick in breast . Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

➣After breastfeeding, wash the breasts regularly with clean water or wipe with wet cotton clothes .

6. Bottle Feeding :

Breastfeeding should be done for six months after the birth of your baby. But if you use milk powder for the newborn, keep in mind that it has a special amount , and you must know how to make it . For more information follow the inginstructions on the milk box.

Take Care of These Things Before Bottle Feeding –

➣Boil the bottle in water for 10 to 15 minutes .

➣Feed the baby bottle every three hours, or when he gets hungry .

➣Never put the leftover milk in the refrigerator , and do not drink the same milk again, every time make fresh milk .

➣Always keep the bottle feeding at the 45 degree angle of the baby .

➣As soon as the bottle is empty, take out the baby’s mouth.

7. How To Wear Diaper Your Newborn :

➣Whether you are wearing disposable diapers children or clothes diapers, you have to take proper care of it. When to change diapers and how to take care of cleanliness, be careful always .

➣If you wear a clothing diaper baby, then the clothes should always be clean. Clean clothing diapers by putting anti-septic liqueur in hot water, so that there is no danger of infection. Massage the baby with olive oil before starting the diaper so that there is no skin rhesus. Diapers kept changing every three hours .

➣Keep changing the disposable diapers even every three hours .

➣After opening the diaper, wipe the inner part well with the wipes.

➣If you have a scar or rash on the skin by wearing a diaper for a long time, add ointment .

8. How To Bath Your Newborn :

➣After the baby is born, give the baby a sponge bath for a week or wipe the body with a wet cloth .

➣If the wounds of the Umbilical Chord are dried then the child can be bathed twice or thrice in a week.

➣Do not bath the child for six months with cold or hot water. Lukewarm water is better.

➣While bathing, close the child’s ears with your hands properly, so that do not get water in the ear.

➣After bathing immediately wrap the child in a dry cloth , soon wipe the body and wear the cloth.

➣Use mild soap and shampoo to shower the baby . So that she does not cry when she gets soap water in the eye .