How To Treat Ear Pain At Home

natural home remedies for ear pain

Ear is an important part of our body. We should take proper care of it. The ear is an organ that does not have any layer on top of it, due to this the external dirt can easily enter the ear and the pain starts. Ear pain is a common disease that can happen to almost every human at any age. Earache starts to be more due to cold. In addition, ear infections, earwax is also the cause of earache.

Today’s article we are sharing with you some natural remedies that can easily relieve you from earache. [Wikipedia]


Cause Of Earache :

➣ Excessive earwax
➣ Ear infection
➣ Having a sinus infection
➣ Eczema in ear canal
➣ Tooth infection
➣ Gum infection
➣ Cold and cough ear pain relief
➣ Sore throat
➣ Penetrating shampoo or water inside the ear
➣ Use of external things during ear cleaning.


10 Natural Home Remedies For Ear Pain :


1. Hot Compress :


hot compress reduce ear pain

Hot compress proves to be very beneficial to reduce any pain.

Uses :

▪ Heat a mug of water
▪ Soak a towel in this water and squeeze its water
▪ Now place this towel on your affected ear
▪ Leave it for at least 2-3 minutes, repeat this process until you feel better.


2. Mustard Oil :


mustard oil reduce ear pain

Earwax is sometimes the cause of ear pain. Mustard oil is very beneficial to remove it.

Uses :

▪ Take 5 ml mustard oil and heat it slightly
▪ Now put 2-3 drops of this oil into your ear with the help of a dropper
▪ Wait for 10-15 minutes, then repeat the same process on the other ear
▪ At last take an ear bud and gently clean your ear.


3. Garlic :


garlic reduce ear pain

Garlic is a great way to reduce earache. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are very helpful in reducing inflammation.

Uses :

▪ Take 3-4 garlic buds and mash it well
▪ Add 3 tsp mustard oil to it
▪ Heat the oil until the garlic changes its color
▪ Let it cool for a while
▪ Now put 3-4 drops of oil in the affected ear.


4. Clove :


clove reduce ear pain

Clove acts as a natural antiseptic, in addition to it has antibacterial properties, which are very effective in reducing pain.

Uses :

▪ Heat half a teaspoon of clove oil lightly
▪ Dip a cotton ball in this oil
▪ Place this cotton ball on the ear canal.


5. Onion Juice :


onion juice reduce ear pain

Onion is very effective to relieve earache. It is considered for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Uses :

▪ Take a medium size of onion and wash it
▪ Grind it well by a food processor
▪ Extract its juice with the help of a sieve and slightly heat it
▪ To get relief from pain, put 2-3 drops of this juice inside your ear.


6. Ginger :


ginger reduce ear pain

Ginger has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, that can help reduce earache.

Uses :

▪ Take a piece of ginger and wash it thoroughly
▪ Grind it well to extract its juice
▪ Now put 2 drops of this juice inside your ear. This method is very effective for reducing pain.


7. Basil Leaves :


basil leaves

Basil is a natural remedy to reduce earache. It has anti inflammatory properties which is helpful in relieving pain.

Uses :

▪ Take 8-10 fresh leaves of basil and wash them well
▪ Grind these leaves and take out its juice
▪ Put 2-3 drops of this juice inside your ear. This will help you reduce the pain.


8. Olive Oil :


olive oil

Olive oil is an excellent remedy to relieve earache. This can help remove ear wax and provide a soothing effect.

Uses :

▪ Heat 1 teaspoon olive oil lightly
▪ Now dip a cotton ball in this oil
▪ Keep this cotton ball on the ear canel. You can also put 2 drops of oil inside your ear.


9. Almond Oil :


almond oil

Almond oil contains Vitamin E, which is very beneficial for our skin and health. It is also helpful in reducing ear pain and swelling.

Uses :

▪ Take 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil in a bowl and heat it for a few seconds
▪ Dip your finger in this oil and massage the area around your ear
▪ Repeat this remedy several times a day, this will give you relief from pain.


10. Neem :



We all know that neem is an excellent medicine to fight any kind of infection of the body. It has antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which is very beneficial for relieving inflammation.

Uses :

▪ Take some fresh green neem leaves and wash it thoroughly
▪ Now grind these leaves well and extract its juice
▪ Put two drops of this juice inside your ear, this remedy can make you feel better.