How To Do Pedicure At Home

easy way pedicure at home

Pedicure is actually a process of making the feet beautiful, in which the feet are completely cleaned. In this process, the feet are made beautiful by removing dead skin cells, giving a nice look to the nails. [Wikipedia]

Step 1 : Remove Your Old Nail Polish

Required Things :

➣Nail paint remover

➣Cotton ball / Cotton pad

➣Before starting pedicure , removing your nail paint using a nail paint remover .

Step 2 : Soak Your Feet

Required Things :


➣Lukewarm water

➣Baking soda


➣Lemon juice

➣Shampoo / Body wash

Fill a tub with lukewarm water , and add  2 tablespoon baking soda , 1 tablespoon salt , 2 tablespoon lemon juice and little amount of shampoo or body wash . Now dip your feet in the water , and let it soak for 15 – 20 minutes . This will help you to soften tough calluses , remove dirt and grime , and soften nails and cuticles.

Step 3 : Remove Dirt

Required Things :

➣Pedicure brush / loofah

➣Pumice stone

➣Soft towel

After soaking for some time ,  your feet will become soft . Now rub your feet and legs with the help of a pedicure brush or loofah , then use a pumice stone to smoothen out dried and cracked heels . After doing this , wash your feet and legs , and dry it with a towel . This will remove all the dirt from your feet and legs .

Step 4 : Trim and File Your Nails

Required Things :

➣Nail cutter

➣Nail filer

After drying your feet , the first thing is to trim your toe nails with the help of a nail cutter . Trim it like square shape . Never keep your toe nails long , and  don’t give it round shape . Because , the dirt sticks in the edges of the nails , which increases the chances of infection . After that , use a nail filer and file your nails to give it a shape as you like .

Step 5 : Cut The Cuticles

Required Things :

➣Cuticle remover

➣Nail buffer

When you completely trim your nails , then cut the cuticles or push it into the opposite direction . Cuticle is a barrier between skin and nail .  After removing the cuticle, use a nail buffer for smooth the top of the nail .

Step 5 : Exfoliate

Required Things :

To exfoliate your feet you will need four things .

➣2 tablespoon rice flour

➣1 tablespoon yogurt

➣2 teaspoon lemon juice

➣1 teaspoon honey

Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl , and make a paste . Apply this paste on your feet and legs for 4 – 5 minutes . This will help to remove all the dead skin cells from your feet and legs .

Step 6 : Apply Anti-Tan Mask

Required Things :

For this mask you will need only  4 things .

➣2 tablespoon gram flour

➣1 tablespoon coffee powder

➣1 tablespoon orange peel powder

➣Raw milk

At first mix well the three ingredients [ Gram flour + Coffee power + Orange peel powder ] .
Now prepare a thick paste by adding  milk in it . Apply this all over your feet or you  can also apply it on your legs . Wait for 15 – 20 minutes and rinse it with cold water. This mask will help you to reduce tanning and eliminates dark spots from your feet .

Step 7 : Moisturizing

Now it’s time to moisturize your feet . Apply
your regular foot moisturizer and give a massage on your feet . This will make you feel relaxed .

Step 8 : Applying Your Favorite Nail Color

At the last step , paint your nails with your favorite color . First place the base coat, then let it dry. Now put a coat of nail polish. Let it sit for some time , then applying the next coat . Finish it with a top coat .